Participating in The Paper Cranes Project is free and easy. If you have been affected by a patient loss, we invite you to follow the instructions below to create a paper crane. You may consider writing a message, memory, date or initials on the paper prior to folding, or simply leave it blank. As you fold the paper, we encourage you to unfold your thoughts, sit with your emotions and reflect. Use the crane as an anchor or focal point for your thoughts and feelings. As you become more comfortable with the technical steps, you may find that this becomes a meditative act and your mind naturally drifts towards thoughts and emotions that need your attention. When your crane is complete, feel free to keep it for your own reflection or share a picture with us on social media by tagging @papercranesproject or using the hashtag #papercranesproject.

Video Tutorial

how-to-fold-an-origami-crane-how-to-make-an-easy-origami-crane-template (1)

For more information on mindful origami, we recommend the following books:

The Book of Mindful Origami by Samuel Tsang

The Magic of Mindful Origami by Samuel Tsang

The Art of Mindful Origami by Richard Chambers


The Paper Cranes Project can be utilized in any healthcare setting, but may be particularly needed in settings with high mortality (inpatient oncology wards, intensive care units, hospice, etc.). In these settings we recommend designating a site representative to introduce the Project and investing $20-25 for origami paper and a large jar to collect the paper cranes. If enough cranes are collected, consider creating an art installation or “senbazuru” for display in your hospital or clinic. If you are interested in becoming a site representative, please contact for more information.